Gotta Gotta Go

Project description

I was the agency art director on this tv commercial. It was a commercial featuring Ross Stores' back to school fashions for teens. My creative partner, Bob Saltzburg worked on a fun music track to gain the viewer's attention. The spot targets teens by including lots of quick cuts. I chose realistic activities for the teens to be doing in order to feature the fashions. I worked with our production company art director to create a music store and rooftop party. All of the actors are gathering items for the party as they head in the direction of the party. The end of the spot shows them all at the rooftop party dancing, eating and having a great time. We ended the spot with a strong savings message of "Ross, Go For The Savings".

Project Details

  • Client: Ross Stores, Inc.
  • Duration: :30 Seconds
  • Copywriter: Bob Saltzburg
  • Broadcast: National Cable